Thursday, March 3, 2011

Knitting gone wild....

I used to be a very sane knitter.

I never bought yarn that I didn't have a project for.

I never started a project before I finished the last one.

I never started a project without even having a pattern.

I never would have paid $8+ for a skein of yarn.

I never thought obsessively about buying more knitting accessories.

I never used to think, oh I'll just browse "friend's activity" on ravelry thinking oh that's pretty.

I NEVER put a project in a bag in the corner and thought someday I'll finish that (or maybe not)!

I would never have texted (repeatedly) someone to get a recommendation for a yarn type and then obsessed about the color of yarn, and do they have a heathered one?


  1. lol LOVE it! your medallion looks great!! :D

  2. Hahahah this is hilarious, it makes me miss you even more! Love you and my blanket, I cuddle under it every evening and think about you :)