Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A bookcase and a lot of selfishness

Sometimes, I don't even realize how selfish I am.

When we moved into the house and set up our bedroom upstairs, I didn't want a floor to ceiling bookcase cluttering up my pretty corner, so it went on Doug's side of the room. As you came in the room, you didn't see the bookcase, you saw my beautiful corner. That was about 8 years ago.

Now in the meantime my pretty corner definitely got cluttered up with a whole mess of knitting which I kept thinking, I guess I need to get something to put in that corner to hold my knitting.

Doug came home in March and had knee surgery in April. In order for him to get out of bed easier (my side of the room is much more spacious), I switched sides of the bed with him. We stayed
switched until he left. During this time, I realized how selfish I had been. There was very little space on that side of the bed, and a toe-stubbing experience for the less than careful to walk between the bed and the bookcase.

Now, while I can't move the bed, it is where it is and that's that (talk to Doug - he attached the headboard to the wall), I can move the bookcase, and I did! Cleaning it out, I even made room on the bottom shelf for my knitting stuff.

Sorry babe, had no idea how selfish I had been when we put that bookcase there!

And I think my corner still looks just fine!


  1. Great post and a window into a great marriage! Also Yay for knitting stuff having a place :D