Saturday, September 24, 2011

I wanna be a Michigander....

and so, I'm making some pasties. No no no, not those little things that cover your nipples when you're a stripper. A meat pie usually found in the U.P. but which can also be sometimes found in Northern Michigan.....

I had to go buy a rutabaga. Its way more rutabaga than I need, but I think if these turn out good, that rutabaga will get used up!

I always try to use the food in the house when Doug is gone, and so I started foraging in the freezer for some steak. I knew what I'd find....two nice little filets that are way too good to be used in pasties, but hey, whatever, I'm worth filet mignon pasties, right?

I had two potatoes left from the garden, nice big ones, and part of an onion.

So, I began to make some pie, if you know me, you know I can make pie crusts. I've had all of two pasties in my entire that we bought in the U.P. last spring, that was devine. The second was bought in Cadillac at the end of this summer, and was good, but not as good as the U.P. one. I think the difference was the I'm so excited.

The U.P, one was a circle of dough, no edge. The Cadillac one was a foldover, with a rolled/braided crust. So, I made one of each. If only you could smell them baking....I hope I don't burn my tongue.


  1. this is sooo funny i don't know anyone besides our family, the U.S. branch and the U.K. branch who make and eat pasties, we are quite lucky that my grandpa was from cornwall so we have the old tradional recipe, but i will have to try with rutabaga :)

  2. I wish I was there to eat some...sounds perfect! Now you owe me meatloaf AND pasties! lol