Monday, December 26, 2011

Change of Title Coming Soon...

Although I love it here in Illinois, my title is Connie, Crazy Connie, Miss Connie, Just Connie.

Today I am travelling to a location that will totally change my title. As I was packing my suitcase and some Christmas decorations, I thought quite hard about this change. Here are my favorite title changes:

Several young ladies and their gentlemen will be calling my Aunt Connie. This is one of my favorites, and to make it even more special there are a couple of greats who will also be saying "Aunt Connie".

Then there's the title I've had the shortest, Grandma Connie. Now believe me this one is pretty awesome. There's not much better than hearing your name with Grandma in front of it.

The ones I have the longest probably won't be said, although sometimes my brother Wes will call me sister, but my mom and dad probably won't say, "Daughter", though I will feel that sister love from my sister and brothers and that daughter love in a big big way.

It was funny when I realized that my favorite title is one that doesn't get used by many...but even just sitting here thinking about hearing it is bringing tears to my eyes. Mom, mama....this is the title I'm looking forward to the most I guess. Who knew?