Friday, February 19, 2010

The Blahs are gone!!

Yay! Sometimes I think I'm not ever supposed to feel bad, so when I do feel bad, I'm always trying to figure out why. Like my last post, winter blues, short timer's attitude...those things generally aren't even in my vocabulary with a negative effect. PMS/cramps - I think that's why I felt bad!! Now that shouldn't be a revelation but it is.

I feel great today - laundry is sorted, bed is made, I have the desire to clean, I've been going through stacks of paperwork and actually only handling them once to accomplish their purpose and file it away.

I'm a woman on a mission!! I'm gonna start a new hat, memorize the lines for my adventureland script and talk to my man, who'll be home in 6 days!!! Yay!!

Just thought I'd let you know, I'm feeling good!

Oh and my Bible reading today was pretty cool too - like how Jesus tells Peter once he's been cleaned, he doesn't need another bath. Nice presentation of the difference between salvation and the need for daily cleanup...

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