Thursday, February 25, 2010

Parent Mode Can Be A Bad Thing.....

So, have you ever gone parental on your spouse? I did this morning, and it's not good especially over the phone. Some know the details, others may not.

My normally OCD husband gets up two hours before he has to leave the house. He likes to go the airport two hours before departure, even if he's already checked in. He has a flight this morning that leaves at 9 am, so naturally when the phone rings at 7:15 (10:15 my time) I'm thinking, he's through security...Oh no, he hasn't even left my mom and dads! I'm like, really? Then I find out he hasn't even checked in. I lost it - I went ballistic. His excuse, I don't have a computer....really I told you my mom has one and you can use her printer to print your boarding pass. "I don't know how"....

I think my exact words were, "When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it!"....and believe me I just couldn't let it go.

Now, to give me a little break, I am anxious for him to be home, I miss him, and it just wasn't what I expected.

I knew I was really bad, when he said, let me just call Wes and see if he's on his way. I'm like, YEAH!!!

Then Wes calls me from the airport after dropping him off, and I know I'm still in parent mode, when I'm hollering, Can you believe him? Just like I used to ask Wes about John....(Thanks Wes, you just let me yell!)

Long story short, when Doug called back after checking through security, I apologized for going all parental on him. He chuckled good naturedly, and told me how he hadn't gotten up til 6:20. Thank God he didn't tell me that the first time!

Well, he's on his way home! Hurrah!! I think my heart beat might be back to normal....

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