Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can you say Blah my friend....

I believe I have a case of winter blues and short-timers attitude...not usual for me and certainly not overwhelming. Is it still call pms while you're ms"ing"....? About the only thing I've been doing, besides a little knitting, is caring for my babies...and there aren't as many babies as I'd like. There's a whole tray of peat pots that just isn't sprouted and that has me lone marigold out of the whole tray of variety....what is up with that....but I'm not don't hoping more will sprout!

I do have a nice tray of Salvia (Red Flame) that has sprouted (about 50%) which is pretty good for older seeds. Some of them are starting to get their secondary leaves, some look like they might not make it. I do have another tray half petunias and half salvia seeds sitting under the lights. I love Salvia and can't wait to see these planted around my well attracting beautiful hummingbirds!! They just bloom and bloom and bloom

This tray has the remainder (about half a tray) of a package of 3 year old vinca (annual variety, white with red centers) seeds germinating (I hope) in them. They need dark to germinate so I'm obliging them with a nice covering of a dark towel.

I'm longing for warmer days and you can see by my yard that today isn't it. To the left of the shed you can just make out stripes. He's been coming to visit every day.

Patiently (NOT) waiting for spring and Doug!


  1. Yay! Loved reading your post :) I know that the winter blahs just ready for it to be green everywhere!!

  2. I hope that the snow starts melting, your sprouts start sprouting and the sun comes out and reminds you why you moved to Illinois! Love you :D