Friday, February 5, 2010

Not enough stash.....

I learned something new today - I don't have enough stash. No, I'm not doing drugs, although you may consider me psychotic. I wanted to make something for a baby, not another hat or another pair of socks, not even baby socks.

I went into my bedroom and peered into the bags in the corner, pulling several of them up onto the bed. They are organized by weight (not bag weight, yarn weight) and so I went for the fingering weight yarn. I have about 15 small 2-3 inch diameter balls of fingering weight yarn, nothing suitable for making anything other than baby socks!! I know Abrianna needs some more socks, but I'm just not in the mood. I must confess right now that there is 3 1/2 skeins of lavender fingering weight yarn, plenty to make a cute little top or sweater for a baby, but I didn't even notice it this morning when I went to check my stash. I'm not in the mood to confess why it didn't receive consideration....lets just say it could be yarn snobbery....

I also must confess that up until this year, I have never even considered buying yarn for a project unspecified. However, earlier in the summer I bought a whole mess of yarn when it was on sale, with no particular projects in mind. Since then, I've been guilty, except now I realize that I've completed several projects from this stash and have enjoyed having the variety of yarn available.

I blame both of these psychotic issues on Kelsey! Its her fault.

So now, I'm stuck making another hat - though I did challenge myself and am doing my first double knit project. The flap hat will be black on the outside and red on the huh? Oh and check out the hat from yesterday's blog at the bottom of this page...I think it turned out quite nice...more pics when Hannah gets it!

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